Compass 360 Missions' goal is to cultivate relationships within local communities and establish working partnerships.

Our focus will be on building and restoring relationships; our desire is to be respectful and intentional as we interact with local communities and leadership.



Compass 360 Missions will develop and establish ongoing sustainable, income-generating projects and partnerships. We will do this by providing strategic planning for investment opportunities, develop educational, vocational leadership training, and skill building opportunities.

Our missionaries or team members will be Bible-believing individuals who come to train or transfer a skill to Zambian leaders, mentors and influencers. All training will be rooted in Biblical truths and values.


Compass 360 Missions will assist with developing unique investment strategies in the areas of education, vocation, and community leadership.

Compass 360 Missions will help in assessing available community resources to promote mutual investment opportunities and sustainability.  We will be purposeful about maintaining the integrity of indigenous cultures and traditions.

Future Location of Chisunka Chiefdom Trade School