Missions with a Purpose

Engage, Equip, and Empower

About Us

There are three elements to our approach : Partnerships (Engage) , Training and Investments (Equip) and individual and community Sustainability (Empower).

Compass 360 Missions focuses on engaging, equipping, and empowering local Zambian Communities and Villages, thus, breaking the generational cycle of poverty.

This will be accomplished through education, trades, skills and leadership development programs.

Our goal is to collaborate with each community, assessing needs, identifying resources, increasing investments and attaining sustainability. In doing so, hearts, minds, and futures will begin to be transformed.

Our Approach


We want to build lasting relationships, share the gospel, and be valuable presence in the community. Through mutually beneficial partnerships we will collaborate on potential growth opportunities.


The Collaboration between Compass 360 Missions teams and community leaders will reflect Biblical and emerging skills training, and leadership expansion programs.

In an atmosphere of trust, accountability, and innovation, we will create space for knowledge exchange, best practices, and evaluation activities.


The end goal of any collaboration will be to facilitation of the combination of human, natural, and cultural resources with local and international investment culminating is self-sustaining community projects.

Project Focus Areas


School construction, exam
and college prep, and mentorship and counseling.

Technical Training

Trades , skills,
apprenticeship-type training,
and animal husbandry

Leadership Development

Emphasizing community mindedness and strategic
planning for individual and community sustainability.