What We Believe

Ephesians 4:11-16

The Gospel

Mathew 28: 8-20

Every decision, activity, and project that is done by Compass 360 Missions, will be rooted in Scripture and guided by the “Great Commission“.


Ephesians 4:11-12

Establishing local Partnerships and agreeing on mutual investments. We will learn with and from one another in community.


Ephesians 4:6

Prayer will guide every aspect of our missions, actions, and projects; Our plans will be rooted in prayer, and rely on the Holy Spirit.

Cultural Awareness and Humility

Ephesians 13-14

Every chiefdom or community will be unique. with different challenges, strengths and gifts ; for each one we will need to understand what role God is asking Compass 360 Missions to play within their broader vision and mission.

Self or Community Sustainability

Ephesians 15-16

Trades, and skills, (from experienced partners) from a variety of trades and vocations will be invited to ‘train trainers’ among the local people, and initiate/run projects alongside local partners for changing, transforming and development of the individual and the community. This model will be self-sustaining.

Compass 360 will build trust, accountability and collaborative learning, which are key aspects to intentional relationships, and this is the foundation to Compass 360 Mission’s “different approach”.

Again, we not taking “America” to Zambia because we understand that imposing ideas and programs from the West does not promote authentic engagement and ownership. We will contextualize all projects and develop processes based on a comprehensive needs assessment gathered with the local community’s input and insight.

Our Process

The process will be simple and consistent:

  1. Community Assessment needs, current and potential development efforts.
  2. Develop short and long term goals for development and missions.
  3. Establish long term plans for small scale micro financing and capital investments , Each partner, (community/village), will discern its own opportunities for growth; we will not be taking America to Zambia. The equipping process will be shaped to each partners’ unique vision with the process always being important than a “product”.

We believe that the only person who can changes people’s hearts, minds and attitudes is Jesus Christ.

The mission teams (short and long) will be composed of peoples willing to share their time, talents and treasurer with the local missionaries to train and implement various projects. We hope to build a Christian Model for community leadership, providing growth, and sustained development


We hope to build a Christian Model for community leadership, providing growth and sustained development: The next generation of leaders will be:

  • Engaged and active participants of the process

  • Courageous and willing to explore and reach new frontiers

  • Collaborative, teachable, willing to learn from others, experiment and invest

  • Passionate and enthusiastic about changing their lives and lives of others

  • Responsible & Accountable