Nelo Del Mundo

Nelo was born and grew up in the Philippines. In a very small town of Lucena City. He immigrated in the US in April 1988 to pursue his studies in Master of Science in Professional Accounting. He holds a CPA certificate. He is married to Michele Doyon – Del Mundo, from a small town of Shawinigan – Sub, Quebec, Canada. He and his wife are long time residents of Virginia, and currently resides in Hamilton, VA.

Both Nelo and His wife Michele were raised Catholic, and it was in 1994 where they got baptized as Christians from Cornerstone Chapel, which remains their home church until this day. This is where they continue their walk with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Nelo and Michele had their experience with short term mission trip in Zambia thru Every Orphan’s Hope. It is thru this mission trip that they both realized how fortunate we are as Americans, that we have the capability and ability to share the word of the Lord thru missions ministry and helping developed spiritual relationship. His upbringing from the Philippines, help him share his experience growing up from the third world that help encouraged the young orphans in Zambia.

Nelo continues to explore and share his capabilities to whatever our Lord leads him to, and being part of Compass 360 Missions.

During his early exposure to Born Again Christian Ministry in the Philippines with his aunt, the song that always resonates to Nelo is:

“Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning. Give me oil in my lamp, I pray. Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning. Keep me burning ’til the break of day. Sing Hosanna to the King of Kings”