Compass360 Ministries’ goal is to present missions differently by leading with the Great Commission, first through evangelism, church plantings, and local church leadership programs.

Our desire is to be very intentional about design and implementation of any short and/or long-term mission programs.  Our focus will be about building and restoring relationships within the local communities that we will serve.

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Our driving emphasis is on discipleship to the local communities and cultivating sustainable, partnership through missions and leadership opportunities. To Compass360, discipleship is the primary (or most essential) element to equipping mission-team members and local leadership training.

Our missionaries or team members will comprise of grounded, Bible-believing individuals who value the transference of Bible knowledge with best-practice applications to evangelize, church planting, and relationship building within local communities.  We believe that in doing so, we can establish/or develop ongoing sustainable, income-generating projects and partnerships.

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Compass360 Ministries wants to help with investment strategies for educational, vocational, and leadership development customized for each community.

Our mission is to first, further the Gospel in an intentional way by respecting the customs, traditions, and culture of any community we are working with.  Secondly, we want to develop partnerships with the local leaders, to provide strategic planning for investment opportunities, develop educational, vocational, and leadership programs and training, and assess available resources for sustainability.

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Future Location of Chisunka Chiefdom Trade School