Faith Lesson A

Key Truths Review:

Jesus is the promised Savior

Jesus is loving and powerful

I am helpless on my own, and need a Savior

DAY 2: (afternoon) FAITH lesson A: 

JESUS heals a man with a terrible disease and a man with an impossible problem.

REVIEW your TRUTH memory verses: (use Truth Books)

(Romans 6:23) For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of GOD is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

(2 Timothy 3:16)  All scripture is God-breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness.

ASK:  Do you have a hero (someone you look up to, who you want to be like)?  What do you admire about them? Why are they a hero to you?

SAY:  Usually, a hero is someone who is strong and who cares.  Today, we are going to learn about Jesus, God’s promised Savior, our Hero.  Today’s Bible story is from the book of Luke in the New Testament. It’s about someone who was really sick. 

ASK:  Have you ever been really, really sick?  What was it like?

What would it be like to not only be really sick, but for nobody to be allowed to touch you?


SAY:  This story is about a man with leprosy.  He was called a leper.  Leprosy is a disease that can cause a person to become disfigured and even lose their fingers and toes.  To prevent the disease from spreading, it was a law that lepers couldn’t be touched.  They had to yell “unclean!” wherever they went. 

TEACHING PICTURE: Jesus Heals a Leper

ASK: What are some things that you see in this picture? Guide them to see how someone is being touched, notice the bandages on his hands, notice the other people’s reactions. State that this man has leprosy. Do not reveal that the person in the picture is Jesus, you can return to that point after the reading.

Listen to the story from Luke 5:12-16 (Read). Keep the picture out to view while you are reading.

 ASK:  Jesus healed many people in many ways.  Why do you think He chose to heal this man by touch? (Or, why did He touch this man?) Discuss.

SAY:  Even though lepers were seen as “unclean” Jesus chose to touch the man.  He gave him love, acceptance and healing.  He made him clean through His Touch, showing His love and power!  How do you think the leper felt?

TEACHING PICTURE: Jesus Heals a Paralytic

ASK: What are some things that you see in this picture? Help them see the little details, like the men above the roof or the hands holding the ropes

SAY:  Another story that shows the power of Jesus Christ is in Luke 5: 17-26.  This story is about a man who couldn’t move his legs at all.  He couldn’t even get close to Jesus without a lot of help! Listen to God’s Word: (Read).

ASK:  The man’s friends wanted Jesus to heal him, but Jesus did something more.  What did He do?

What does this story tell you about Jesus’ power?

What does this story tell you about Jesus’ love?

READ Luke 5: 30-32.

ASK:  What did Jesus say He had come to do? (He came to call sinners to repentance.)

ACT IT OUT.  Assign people to portray the paralyzed man, his four friends, Jesus, a couple of disciples, and the crowd.  Have the crowd and disciples block the paralyzed man from Jesus.  His four friends pick him up and carry him through the crowd, pretending to cut their way through a roof.  Jesus asks the man what he wants; when the friends say HEAL HIM Jesus first forgives his sins and then heals him.  Have the paralyzed man JUMP UP and run around!  Everyone act AMAZED.


  1. JESUS is the promised Savior.
  2. JESUS is loving and powerful.
  3. I am helpless on my own and I need a Savior.

MEMORY VERSE:  Open your TRUTH book to the first FAITH verse and let’s learn this verse together: John 14:6

Jesus said, “I am the way, the Truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Pray together:  Thank you Jesus, for opening our heart and spirit to see you and believe in you when we put our trust in you as our Savior.  Amen.


Decorate with foam stickers and glitter.  Remind campers they are the children of the KING of Heaven, Jesus!  Write their names on the crown. 

Faith Lesson B

Key Truths Review:

God sent Jesus to save us by dying in our place on the Cross.

Jesus died for MY sins, and YOUR sins.

My sins needed a sacrifice to pay for them

DAY 3 (morning) FAITH Lesson B


Welcome the kids back to Camp. Hand out their shirts, bandanas, and name tags. Use TRUTH books to go over memory verses together. (TRUTH Lessons A and B; FAITH Lesson A).

PRAY: Take prayer requests for the day and include the opening of hearts for God’s word in your prayer.

SAY:  Let’s imagine together.  Let’s imagine that I got caught stealing a goat.  I didn’t REALLY steal a goat, but let’s pretend that I did.   I got caught right away, and taken to the judge.

ASK:  What do you think the judge will make me do? (make me pay a fine?)

What if I don’t have enough money to pay the fine?  (send me to jail?)

Could someone else pay the fine for me?

After the group has discussed the problem, show them your Bible.  Remind them it is God’s TRUTH.  Then share the summary provided below (you may choose to summarize this further as you are comfortable with Scripture)

SUMMARY: At this time Jesus has arrived in Jerusalem and has predicted his death to his disciples. (Read Mark 10:45). He has spent the last 3 years healing others of their illnesses, performing miracles and showing God’s glory. His followers believe that he is the Son of God, but many Jewish synagogue leaders are not content with him. They believed Jesus was committing a crime by claiming to be the Son of God and the Messiah (Christ) so they had him arrested.

TEACHING PICTURE: Jesus and Barabbas

Use the teaching picture to talk about what they see. Continue to ask questions such as who do you think certain people might be? What do you think they are doing?

SAY:  Though Jesus has done nothing wrong, He is being accused of a very bad crime.  The judge realizes Jesus has done nothing wrong.  Let’s read in our bible to see what happens.

READ Mark 15: 6-15

ACT IT OUT:  Assign the parts of Pilate, Barrabbas, Jesus, and the crowd.  After they have acted it out, ask:

Who was guilty?  Who was innocent?  What did Barrabbas do wrong?  Who was released and set free?

What did they do to Jesus?

Why did Jesus, who did no wrong, have to die?  (Take time to discuss these questions.)

CONNECTION: Today’s lesson allows for a connection time, taking the first days lessons and connecting the dots here helps. REMIND them that GOD is holy and hates sin (Adam and Eve’s story).  God will judge ALL sin (Noah’s story).  We are all sinners and deserving of His judgment.  We cannot save ourselves. GOD promised to send a Savior to save us from the judgment we deserve. Spend some time reviewing these points, answering questions as needed.

READ 1 Peter 3:18:  For Christ died for our sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God.

This is GOOD NEWS!!  Jesus didn’t remain in the grave for long!  After Jesus was crucified and died, they buried Jesus and put a big rock in front of the tomb.  When his disciples went to check on Jesus three days later, He was not there!

TEACHING PICTURE: Jesus Rises and Appears to his Disciples

This you can use just as a display while you read or you can preview it and ask what they think is happening before you read.

READ:  Luke 24: 33-47

SAY:  God raised Jesus from the dead to be our living Savior.  Because HE IS ALIVE, we can be forgiven from all sins!!  Because HE IS ALIVE, we can live forever with Him!  Because HE IS ALIVE, He will save those who believe in Him.  God invites you and me to trust in Jesus as SAVIOR.  We offended God with our sins, but because He loves us, God sent Jesus to be our substitute and die in our place.  Everyone who believes in Jesus will be saved.

SAY: I’m going to share with you a story that may help you see how believing in Jesus as our Savior creates a bridge over our sin and connects us to God. 

GOOD MAN STORY:  (this is an optional story. You may know another way that you are able to explain the sacrifice that Jesus made and that it is through his sacrifice and not by our works that we are saved.)

Once there were two men, a man who had always tried to do everything right, and a man who had done some bad things in his life.  When they died and arrived at the entrance to heaven, the good man, said, “Let me in!  I have given money for the poor, I have been faithful to my wife, I have not lied or cheated or stolen anything.”  The angel at the gate said, “Have you put your faith in Jesus to save you from your sins?”  The good man said, “Aren’t you listening?  I haven’t sinned!  I don’t need a savior.”

The other man had been quiet all this time.  The angel turned to him.  “What about you?” the angel asked.

“I was unable to keep from making mistakes in my life,” the man answered.  “I asked Jesus to wipe my sins away because I could not do it myself.  Jesus came into my heart and helped me live my life.  When I made mistakes, Jesus helped me see them and ask for forgiveness.  He is my Savior.”

“The angel crossed his arms and pointed at the man who had done some bad things in his life. “You may come into heaven.  But you who did not see his need for a Savior cannot enter into heaven.”

ASK: Does this story surprise you?  Why or why not? Spend time discussing this story as necessary. It is important to explain that none of us are 100% clean from sin. We all sin, we all need a Savior. Through each of our lives we will make mistakes, but it is through the blood of Jesus our sins have been forgiven. It is through His sacrifice that we are made clean, made 100% righteous and worthy to be with God. There are no works that can get us to heaven. Only faith and belief in Jesus restores our relationship to God our Father and gives us eternal life with Him.


  1. God sent Jesus to save us by dying in our place on the cross.
  2. Jesus died for MY sins and YOUR sins.
  3. OUR SIN needed a sacrifice to be paid for them.

MEMORY VERSE:  Romans 5:8:  But GOD demonstrates His own love for us in this:  while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Use TRUTH book to help memorize the verse.) 

Pray together:  Pray together as you are led.